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Explore Our Full Tea Collection

Indulge in our entire collection of premium tea accessories with just one click. From elegant teapots to functional infusers, our comprehensive range of high-quality products has everything you need to enhance your tea-drinking experience. Shop now and elevate your tea game with our exquisite tea accessories.

Loch ness Fun Tea Infuser Nessie

91,00 kr 

Experience the Art of Tea Brewing with our Retro Japanese Single Pot

210,00 kr 

Authentic Chinese Stainless Steel Tea Prying Knife - Perfect for Loose Leaf Tea Enthusiasts

264,00 kr 

4-Piece Matcha Essentials Set

350,00 kr 

7-Piece Ceramic Matcha Master Set- The Complete Matcha Experience

454,00 kr 

Shelldon the Purple Sand Tea Pet: Your Playful Tea Companion!

245,00 kr 

Japanese Matcha Tea Set - Ceramic Bowl, Bamboo Whisk, Scoop, and Whisk Holder

384,00 kr 

Galloping Elegance - 15-Piece Bone China Tea Set

2.793,00 kr 

Gilded Elegance: Indulge in Luxurious Tea Time with our Golden Ceramic and Glass Teapot Set

2.444,00 kr 

Elegant Ceramic Tea Set with Six Cups for a Perfect Experience

524,00 kr 

Pink & White Bone China Tea Set with Gold Accents (2 Variations)

1.746,00 kr 

Indulge in Unparalleled Elegance: Handcrafted Bone China Kettles in Peony Blossom and Majestic Peacock Designs

699,00 kr 

Indulge in Timeless Elegance with Our European Bone China Porcelain Teapot: Perfect for Afternoon Tea and Entertaining

524,00 kr 

Durable and Stylish Heat Resistant Glass Teapot

245,00 kr 

Stow Your Tea in Style with Our Black Pottery Ceramic Tea Caddy!

175,00 kr 

Add a Touch of Vintage Charm to Your Tea Storage with Our Retro Stoneware Tea Caddy!

315,00 kr 

Quality Guarantee

At The Tea Garden, we believe that high-quality tea deserves equally high-quality accessories. That's why all of our products are crafted from premium, safe, and non-toxic materials, so you can enjoy your tea without any worries.

Shipping Guarantee

Shop with confidence knowing that we prioritize fast and reliable shipping. Our products ship from our warehouse overseas and typically arrive within 7-15 business days. We'll provide a tracking number and are always here to help if any issues arise.

Customer Service Guarantee

At The Tea Garden, we're dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you have an issue with your order, just let us know and we'll work with you to make it right.